TrueContact a CRM solution for Mortgage Professionals  


TrueContact is a web based program allowing access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. TrueContact is totally integrated to the MorWEB system from Marlborough Sterling Canada. Once you start an application either from your web site or MorWEB the data flows to TrueContact in real time. No need for dual entry as everything you enter or change in MorWEB is updated in TrueContact. Donít let opportunities slip thought the cracks again!

Key Benefits

Automated tasks are shown in a graphical calendar, displaying all necessary phone calls, emails to be sent, documents to be printed. You can print reports or drill down and see each task that is in your calendar.

We have many generic templates already in the system and ready to go, but you have the option of changing anyone or all of your templates to customize to your business needs.

We just donít look after your client, we also take care of your referrals as this is major part of repeat business opportunities.



Our System has reports that can be displayed, printed or exported to your computer in many file formats.

Exporting of Data

Any where in our system when you produce queries, reports, letters and so on, you can produce a printable page or you can download it to your computer in any one of the following formats .rtf (any word editor) .xls or .pdf.

Small or Large Broker Offices

Whether you are a single user or a Corporation with multiple offices and branches our system looks after you!

If you are in an office with an administrator that looks after the agentís daily business, you can have a FREE account for the Administrator to look after all your agents within you office or network.

Automated Task Generation

Our system automatically produces the tasks on a daily basis, you have the option of running these jobs at you convince. You can select for the day, week or month, no worry of getting behind or going for a holiday, you can catch up with only a touch of a button.

Finding of information quickly

By knowing, just a phone number, postal code or other application information you can find a client, guarantor, referral source or supplier(s) data quickly.

Storage of information

TrueContact stores everything you could possibly imagine! Thousands of fields containing information, about client(s), guarantor(s), application(s), customer referral(s), third party referral(s), supplie(s) lender(s) and more.

Letters and Emails Editors

Even though we have many generic templates that you can customize to your liking, we also give you the ability use your own letterhead or add your own graphics. Printed letterhead or add your own graphics. When creating emails our editor is very powerful and allows you to generate very professional HTML documents.

Our system sends all your emails on your behalf but any replies to these emails come directly to your email program of choice.

Required Documents

Within TrueContact you can produce an email or letter with all the required documents that you need to complete the application, and the system records what is still out standing.

Do you have our long term TrueImaging System

Well if you do, then you have the ability to view and retrieve your documents right from within your TrueContact application.

Importing of old data

MorWEB has done a great job importing you old LSS and/or Morty as well as your current Expert data. All of this data is transferred and ready for use in our CRM.



Question: Can I use my old data from another origination system.

Answer: Yes, what good is a CRM without the use of your old data?

Question: Will my automated tasks include meetings and phone calls.

Answer: Yes, Our system auto populates certain types of phone calls, and you can add meetings and phone calls to your Calendar at anytime.

Question: Does the system record what actions have taken place within an application.

Answer: Yes every time you produce a letter, email or phone call, we have a communication log that displays who produced the letter, email or phone call on the date made, along with any notes.

Question: I am sick and tired of producing mail labels only to throw out the unused or not required labels.

Answer: Any time you produce a campaign letter or one from your automated tasks, our system produces just the labels required for that job.



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